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Toast Three Ways

If you're anything like me, then I think you'll agree that the best part of almost anything is the toppings. And when it comes to bread, that's no different. Getting creative with different toppings is a great way to make the same foods into something new, exciting and entirely different!

I baked some spelt bread this week, and we all know bread is by far the best when it's freshly baked. So of course I had to come up with as many different ways of eating my bread as possible to enjoy it while it's still at optimal deliciousness. This is where the toppings come in.

Not only do they make the bread taste even better, but they also add a whole lot of extra goodness in terms of nutrition. Healthy fats from nut butters, protein from vegan yoghurt, vitamins A & C and antioxidants from the fruit...it's a win-win!

Feel free to mix and match the topping combos around, or even come up with your own creative combinations! I hope this post can provide a little inspiration into how to make your toast a little more exciting, and don't forget to tag me on Instagram if you try them so I can see your creations!


  • fresh bread of your choice (I used a homemade spelt loaf), or you could even use rice cakes if you prefer


  • nut/seed butter of your choice
  • banana
  • cacao nibs


  • frozen mango
  • buckinis (or raw buckwheat)


  • soy or coconut yoghurt
  • stewed plums (or any jam of your choice)



  1. Slice and toast your bread (or leave untoasted, if you prefer!)
  2. Layer each slice generously with one of the topping combos
  3. Admire your creation and enjoy!
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