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Mango Passionfruit Frozen 'Yoghurt'

Mango Passionfruit Frozen 'Yoghurt'

Summer is coming to an end here in Australia, so I thought I'd celebrate the occasion by making a delicious, fruity frozen treat with one of the best things about Summer: Mangoes.

Juicy, ripe Australian mangoes are definitely up there on my list of favourite things. Whether it's on their own, as a smoothie, or basically in any other form, mangoes are perfect. I like to think of them as the food form of sunshine!

This creamy, sweet dessert also happens to be 100% good for you. Free of all the refined sugar, saturated fat and cholesterol in regular frozen yoghurt, while instead being packed with antioxidants, fibre and vitamins A and C, thanks to the mango, as well as being rich in protein, iron and calcium from the tofu. It takes less than 5 minutes to make AND still tastes like a tropical paradise - what more could you ask for?

The addition of passion fruit isn't essential in this recipe, but I find it does give it that tangy touch of extra deliciousness!



  • 100g silken tofu
  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • 1 passion fruit (fresh or frozen)
  • 1 tsp vanilla bean or extract
  • (optional) frozen banana, maple syrup or other sweetener of your choice


  1. Add all ingredients into a high powered blender or food processor and blend until smooth and creamy
  2. Spoon into a bowl and add your favourite toppings
  3. Enjoy!
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