What can a nutritionist help me with?

The real question is, what CAN'T a nutritionist help me with? Nutrition is such a key part of health and wellbeing, on both a physical and mental level. Optimising your nutrition can help you not just look better, but FEEL better, function your best, improve your mood and emotional wellbeing and prevent your risk of chronic disease, illness and other health problems.

I take a very holistic approach to health and nutrition, which means I take everything that makes up and affects YOU into consideration, from diet, to lifestyle and physical activity, mental and emotional health, mindset, sleep, family and personal medical history and more! With a long history of battling an eating disorder, competitive sport and being type 1 diabetic, combined with my studies and clinical experience in nutritional medicine, I am so passionate about helping people feel their best and reach their ideal health, which is so individual for every person.

My main passion lies with helping people make peace with food and their body, learn to fuel their bodies properly to feel, function and perform their best, and optimise their health through wholesome, balanced and compassionate nutrition choices.

What are your qualifications?

I have completed a Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc) in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, making me a fully qualified clinical nutritionist!


Can I get private health rebates on consults?

Yes! Consults can be claimed with private health insurance in Australia.


How many consults will I need?

This totally depends! Some people may just need 2-3 consults, while others require and benefit much more from long-term ongoing support and guidance, either weekly, fortnightly or a few times a year. The best part is, I offer a range of different services to work with what YOU need!


Do you provide meal plans?

I sure do! I create very personalised and individualised meal plans that are based completely on you, your needs and preferences, and your goals. I believe there is no 'one size fits all', which is why I design my plans based on your unique situation and needs in order to best support your health and wellbeing!


I don't live nearby, can I still see you?

Yes! As well as face-to-face consults in Dunsborough, Western Australia. I also offer consults to people living anywhere else in the world through Skype, over the phone, or per email. Which ever option suits YOU best!