“Absolutely amazing!! I could not have asked for a better, more inspirational, kind and understanding person to work with. Nina has helped me so much and each time we have consult together I am filled with new motivation and inspiration to continue on a my recovery journey!! Nina is so understanding and non-judgmental and that really makes me feel safe and comfortable to talk and share any troubles and struggles as well as victories and good things with! I think that that is really important, for people to feel comfortable with the person they are working with, and so I would absolutely, 100% recommend Nina to anybody that would need help!”

~ Sahara, South Africa

“Thanks to Nina I finally found my way back to ‘normal’ eating and exercise. I was able to overcome so many hurdles, for which I am infinitely grateful. Also, my relationship with my family has really improved. I find it especially helpful that Nina has experienced everything herself and can share her own experiences. I am incredibly grateful to find Nina. Finally, I feel joy in life again and no longer see everything as negative. Also a big thank you from my Mum! She is so glad that finally someone could help me.”

~ Nadine, Switzerland

“Working with Nina has finally been that peace I needed in my life. Even whilst being in the UK, Nina has been able to show such a dedication to my needs through our consultations. Nina has been the medical professional I needed who not only knew their true facts and figures, but had the empathy, friendship and passion for recovery I needed. I feel like she will never give up on me until I truly am free with my health, and this confidence and commitment is something I truly cherish. I absolutely love how Nina approaches her work with such a holistic approach by not looking at the needs of the client in a symptoms based way, which has never worked for me, but rather looking at all that I’ve experienced and currently experience, and taking a well thought out, methodical and kind approach to recovery. I trust Nina’s advice with all my heart because I know she used hardcore facts- something that is so important to me!

There is absolutely no doubt that I would recommend Nina for all things nutrition based! Even if you think that it might not be relevant or serious enough, enquire anyway! It will be the best decision you make. Highly highly recommended!”

~ Krupa, U.K.

“I’ve spoken to so many counsellors in the past and have never felt comfortable to talk to them, I’ve always felt they were judging me and not really understanding what I needed help with. I’ve had past nutritionists tell me I need to eat 1800 calories a day to maintain my weight. Whereas with Nina I feel really comfortable, and she’s giving me the science and knowledge/help that I need, I never ever thought I’d be eating fat again, now I’m eating it everyday! My binges/bulimia is slowing down majorly and my mindset towards food is growing every day. For someone who had been battling with all different types of eating disorders for 5 years I feel like it’s finally coming to an end. I couldn’t be more grateful to find Nina! 100% recommend.”

~ Megan, U.K.

“I just wanted to say thank you endlessly again for everything you have done for me, opening my eyes and showing me how important it is to fuel and look after your body properly, teaching me how to fall in love with food again and finding my own passion as well.

You have showed me that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that life is worth fighting for.”

~ Jorja, Australia

“What is unique about Nina are her own experiences combined with professional expertise and compassion. She has the talent to give simple and direct answers on every question. She makes it easy to trust her and she is really patient. Nina is the first who’s recommendations I listened to in a long time. After a few weeks, with a few changes, I can already happily announce that I regained to my normal weight and my full energy for running (after almost two years of having no power for it at all), over one hour cycling and long hikes. I am grateful for finding her! THANK YOU NINA! I trust that more improvement will follow :)”

~ Samantha, Germany

“I am about to finish one week of the meal plan but I am feeling not just great, but amazingly good. I always hesitate at the beginning of any change!! But when you let go AND start trusting on the help you asked for, everything turns out to be magic. I hope I can learn much more things from now on. So trust this girl because she is someone, one of a kind!!”

~ Eily, Mexico

“Working with Nina on my personal nutrition problems and goals has been an amazing experience. Nina put so much effort into every consultation (even via Skype I felt a great personal connection). With her guidance and help I was able to change a lot of my concerns to the better. I always felt understood and very well cared for, especially with the detailed reports and e-mail contact. Thank you so much!”

~ Sophie, Germany

Photo by Rae Marie Photography

Photo by Rae Marie Photography