Personalised Meal Plan

I create a 7-day meal plan that is completely tailored to you, your preferences and your needs!

My meal plans can help with:

  • Learning to fuel your body to feel and function your best in your body, mind and soul

  • Transitioning to a more intuitive style of eating while meeting your nutritional requirements

  • Saving time and preventing boredom in the kitchen

  • Increasing energy levels

  • Fuelling sport and athletic performance

  • Optimising nutritional status for skin, digestive, hormonal and emotional health

  • Helping to make nourishing food delicious, fun and exciting!

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What this involves:

  • You will complete a 7-day food diary of your current diet

  • A 45-minute consult either face-to-face, through Skype or over the phone

  • You will complete a health and nutrition questionnaire so I can learn about your individual needs and goals

  • A personalised 7-day whole foods meal plan created by me that reaches all your nutrient targets and takes into account your preferences, dietary needs and goals

  • All relevant recipes as attachments or links


With 45-minute consult ~ $200

Without consult ~ $150


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