Initial Consultation ~ $120

I believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to food, exercise and lifestyle. Therefore, my nutrition and health coaching is based entirely on YOU, your preferences and your needs.

I also don't believe in quick fixes and fad diets and instead, you will learn how to make choices that are right for your health, and make you look AND feel great in the process!

What this involves:

  • You will complete a 7-day diary of everything you eat and drink

  • You will be given a health and nutrition questionnaire to answer before the consult

  • A 60-minute face-to-face or online consult

  • A dietary analysis, complete health history and lifestyle factors (with Bio-Impedance Analysis, if appropriate)

  • Goal setting

  • A detailed personalised treatment plan that outlines your recommended diet and lifestyle changes, including informational sheets, recipes and more emailed to you after the consult!

  • Ongoing support and email contact


    Follow-up Consultation ~ $80

    What it involves:

    • A 30-40 minute face-to-face or online follow-up consult

    • Dietary analysis and adjustments to your treatment plan to continue on your path to reaching your health and nutrition goals

    • Review of progress, challenges and problem solving

    • Continued nutrition and health education

    • Further diet and lifestyle recommendations, meal planning, recipes and more!

    • Ongoing support and email contact



    Diet Analysis ~ $80

    The perfect way to check-in and see where you are at with your current diet and find areas where you could improve or change in order to best support your body, mind and lifestyle, and work towards reaching your goals and best health!

  • What this involves:

    • You complete a health and nutrition questionnaire as well as a detailed 7-day food diary

    • A detailed nutritional analysis of your diet including macronutrient breakdown, whether you are meeting your nutrient targets and overall diet quality

    • Personalised and detailed feedback and recommendations according to your unique goals


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