Initial Consultation ~ $120

I believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to nutrition - nor should there be. Our bodies aren’t machines, they are unique and complex. And each of us have different goals, preferences, backgrounds, lifestyles and needs.

Consultations involve a thorough assessment of your nutritional needs (basically really getting to know YOU), and the development of a personalised, and evdience-based, nutrition plan completely tailored to your lifestyle and health or performance goals.

Initial consultations (face-to-face in Dunsborough, or via Skype/phone call) are 60-minutes, and include individualised recommendations, education and resources.


    Follow-up Consultation ~ $80

    A review of your initial nutrition plan to assess progress, make changes as needed and continue working towards your health or performance goals.

    Follow-up consultations are 30-45 minutes, and also include ongoing nutrition education, recommendations and support, and additional resources.


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